2019JHU教育学院毕业典礼 成为有创新和影响力教育者

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她说,“在我早期的教育生涯中,我意识到我需要成为一名像麦克卢金那样的老师,” “我希望我的学生有机会为他们关心的问题发声。我的学生已经在华盛顿市议会和美国国会就他们社区的枪支暴力问题作证。虽然他们只有八九岁,但他们正在学习明白自己的声音有力量。”


Three years after receiving her master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Education, Kelly Harper, MS ’16, returned to the very same stage at Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena to deliver the school’s commencement address, now widely recognized as one our nation’s top educators. She urged graduates to use their “new, powerful degrees… to help build capacity in others, to help them build and strengthen their voices.”

16届毕业生凯利·哈珀(Kelly Harper)从约翰·霍普金斯教育学院获得硕士学位三年后,又回到母校讲台(也是皇家农场的讲台)发表毕业典礼演讲。如今,她被公认为美国最优秀的教育家之一。她敦促毕业生利用他们“新的、有影响力的学位……帮助他人建立能力,帮助他们建立和加强他们的声音。”


Harper’s return capped a joyful, spirited graduation event that recognized the academic achievements of more than a thousand individual degree recipients, as well as the professional accomplishments of many illustrious alumni and friends. The occasion marked a record for the most degrees and certificates the School of Education has conferred (1,045) during an academic year since becoming a stand-alone unit in 2007.  Among that number was its largest-ever cohort of doctoral degree recipients, with 44 EdD candidates and five PhD candidates receiving doctoral hoods from their faculty advisers.


After a warm welcome by Vice Dean Mariale M. Hardiman, Dean Christopher C. Morphew presided over his second graduation as dean of the School of Education. In his opening remarks, Morphew thanked the 620 candidates in attendance for bringing “positive energy, bold ideas, and passion for change to Johns Hopkins to tackle the nation’s most pressing education challenges.” He went on to commend them for choosing “a path focused on helping individuals and communities better themselves.”


For Harper, a third-grade teacher at Amiden-Bowen Elementary School in Washington, D.C., who was named a 2019 National Teacher of the Year finalist, that path has not always been an easy one. In her keynote remarks, she described being disengaged and misunderstood as a middle-school student, until one thoughtful teacher pulled her aside and gave her guidance on how to speak up for herself in a productive way. It was a formative lesson for Harper, who was recently described in Education Week as “a champion of student activism.”



(Kelly Harper, MS ’16, delivers the address to the graduates. 16届理学硕士毕业生凯利·哈珀女士向毕业生们发表了演讲。 )

“Early in my education career, I realized that I needed to become a teacher like Ms. McLurkin,” she said, acknowledging her early mentor. “I wanted my students to have the opportunity to advocate for issues that matter to them. My students have testified in front of the D.C. City Council… and the United States Capitol about gun violence in their neighborhoods. Although they are only eight and nine years old, they are learning that their voices have power.”

怀着对早期导师的感谢之心,她说,“在我早期的教育生涯中,我意识到我需要成为一名像麦克卢金那样的老师,” “我希望我的学生有机会为他们关心的问题发声。我的学生已经在华盛顿市议会和美国国会就他们社区的枪支暴力问题作证。虽然他们只有八九岁,但他们正在学习明白自己的声音有力量。”

Student speaker Neha Aamir was only seven years old when her parents gave her a present that would shape her own path: a U.S. passport. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, the clinical mental health counseling master’s degree candidate extolled the opportunity afforded her as an American citizen, but emphasized the responsibility she feels to serve her community.

学生代表致辞人尼哈·阿米尔(Neha Aamir)的父母送给她一件礼物,那件礼物(一本美国护照)从此改变了她的人生道路,当时她只有七岁。这位出生在巴基斯坦拉合尔(Lahore)的临床心理健康咨询硕士学位候选人对自己作为美国公民所获得的机会大加赞扬,但同时也强调了自己为社区服务的责任。

“In all those moments that I was stressed finishing this degree, I wondered how my life would have been different had my parents decided to stay back,” she said. “And then I thought of all the Pakistani children who will never have the opportunities that I did.” Aamir, who celebrated her own wedding just days before graduation, works as a mental health therapist with inner-city children in Baltimore. 


(Neha Amir delivers candidate address to the graduates.学生代表尼哈·阿米尔致辞)


During the ceremony, eight alumni and friends were also recognized for their contributions, with awards presented by Johns Hopkins Alumni Association President Allyson Handley, EdD ’78, herself a School of Education alumna.


Dean Morphew presented the Champion in Education Award to Michele Gay, co-founder and executive director of Safe and Sound Schools. He praised Gay, a former Howard County, Maryland, educator and a parent who has lost a child to tragic violence in school, for her courageous commitment to safe and healthy schools. “In the face of legislative deadlock, divisive partisanship, and powerful vested interests,” he said, “she brings individuals, schools, and organizations together as parents, neighbors, and communities with one thing in common: the well-being of our nation’s children.”


(米歇尔·盖伊接受由莫斐院长颁发的最佳教育奖 ) 

墨菲院长将“最佳教育奖”颁发给“平安学校”的联合创始人兼执行董事米歇尔·盖伊。盖伊曾是马里兰州霍华德县(Howard County)的一名教育工作者,因惨遭校园暴力袭击而失去一个孩子的母亲,她坚定的要为建立安全、健康的学校而努力。墨菲说:“面对立法僵局、分裂的党派之争和强大的既得利益集团,盖伊把个人、学校、机构和家长、邻居、社区团结在一起,实现一个共同的目标:我们国家儿童的福祉。”

Steven Schuh, MS ’05, former Anne Arundel County Executive and member of the Maryland House of Delegates, received the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Government Service. Schuh was commended for a career defined by years of exemplary public service and work with leading institutions throughout the state. Now head of Maryland’s Opioid Operational Command Center, he is responsible for coordinating statewide resources to develop community-based solutions to drug addiction.


The Heritage Award, which honors outstanding sustained service to the university or its Alumni Association, was given posthumously to Lisa McMurtrie, A&S ’95, MAT ’99, an elementary educator for nearly 20 years in Baltimore-area schools. A dedicated, longtime volunteer, McMurtrie helped found the School of Education’s Student-Alumni Mentorship Program, serving as its chair from 2013 to 2018, as well as two terms on the Johns Hopkins Alumni Council.

遗产奖是授予对大学或校友会做出杰出贡献的人,它是在丽莎·麦克默特里(Lisa McMurtrie)死后颁发给她的。麦克默特里是一名敬业、长期的志愿者,她帮助建立了教育学院的学生-校友指导项目,从2013年到2018年担任该项目的主席,并担任了两届约翰霍普金斯大学校友委员会的成员。

The Distinguished Alumna Award went to Beth McCord Kobett, MS ’92, EdD ’16, a leading mathematics educator and author whose publications include the well-known texts The Mathematics Lesson Planning Handbook and Mathematics Coaching: Resources and Tools for Coaches and Leaders. Kobett currently leads professional learning efforts in mathematics education as an associate professor in the School of Education at Stevenson University.




杰出校友奖颁给了 92届毕业生贝丝·麦考德·科贝特(Beth McCord Kobett),她也是16届教育学博士毕业生。贝丝是著名的数学教育家和作家,其著作包括著名的教科书《数学备课手册》和《数学教练:为教练和领导者提供的资源和工具》(mathematics Lesson Planning Handbook and mathematics Coaching: Resources and Tools for coach and Leaders)。作为斯蒂文森大学教育学院的副教授,贝丝目前领导着数学教育领域的专业教学工作。

Charles Kramer, EdD ’05, MS ’97; Jason Terrell, MS ’15; Mario Javon Shaw, MS ’15; and Danna Thomas, MS ’13 received Community Hero Awards in recognition of outstanding contributions to address critical social, economic, and environmental needs in their communities. Kramer, now in his 13th year as principal of Baltimore’s Patterson Park Public Charter School, is widely respected as a hands-on, supportive leader committed to building strong school community. He was commended for his work in nurturing the careers of other Baltimore City educators—many of them Johns Hopkins alumni. Roommates during their time as members of the Teach For America 2012 Charlotte, North Carolina, cohort, Terrell and Shaw are co-founders of Profound Gentlemen, an organization dedicated to building community for male educators of color. Since starting the nonprofit, they have expanded to several states and currently have a membership of 250 educators. Thomas, a member of the Teach For America 2010 Baltimore cohort, is the founder of Happy Teacher Revolution, a support network for teachers struggling to balance their own well-being with the challenges of their profession. With chapters in 13 states and a site in Dakar, Senegal, Thomas is now working with the Johns Hopkins Social Innovation Lab to expand the program.

05届教育学博士毕业生查尔斯·克莱默、 97届硕士毕业生杰森·特雷尔、15届毕业生马里奥·肖和13届硕士毕业生丹娜·托马斯获得了社区英雄奖,以表彰他们在解决社区关键的社会、经济和环境需求方面做出的杰出贡献。克莱默是巴尔的摩帕特森公园公立特许学校的校长,今年是他担任该校校长的第13个年头。他在培养巴尔的摩市其他教育工作者(其中许多是约翰·霍普金斯大学的校友)方面所做的工作受到了赞扬。作为2012年“为美国而教”北卡罗莱纳夏洛特峰会的室友,特雷尔和肖是“渊博绅士”组织的联合创始人,该组织致力于建立有色人种男性教育者社区。自从成立这个非营利组织以来,他们已经扩展到好几个州,目前有250名教育工作者。托马斯是2010年“为美国而教”巴尔的摩小组的成员,他是“快乐教师变革”的创始人,这是一个支持教师努力平衡自身福祉和职业挑战的平台。托马斯在13个州设立了分会,并在塞内加尔达喀尔建立了一个网站。他目前正在与约翰霍普金斯大学社会创新实验室合作,扩大这个项目。

After the ceremony, graduates and faculty, along with family and friends, enjoyed a light luncheon reception at the nearby Baltimore Convention Center.